Motel Policy
It is important to note several things about our rate schedule:
• All rooms are of comparable size with the same amenities as notification
• Exceptions to minimum night requirement may be subject to extra charge.
• Rates are also subject to change without notification.
• There are no room charges for children 17 years old and younger who occupy the same room as their parents or guardians, using existing bedding.

Check-in time
Check-in and out: 12:00 Noon

• You are welcome to Century Motel and make a reservation by physically or contact from any cell or land phone or email, however which is you feel comfort.
• At the time of booking, full deposit of one evening will be charged for stays. Balance of payment is due upon Check-out.
• Cancellations made more than 5 hours before from the valid schedule time.
• Please note that early departure or modifications to the original reservation are not entitled to a refund.
• Management of Century Motel reserves the rights to refuse service to anyone who fails to provide advance notification of changes in reservations.

The Motel Authority will not be responsible for the following
• Please, write the full name and address on the registrar book of the Motel reception counter
• Valuable items or money if any may be deposited to the reception counter with proper receipt. Otherwise, Motel Authority will not be responsible for the same.
• Please let the Authority know if you feel any physical discomfort
• Please, enter the motel premises before 12pm (for the govt. law restriction)
• The room key may be deposited to the reception desk before leaving the motel room
• Please, say goodbye to the honorable guest of the clients before 12 pm (for the govt. law restriction)
• Carrying any banned restricted or illegal items.
• Commit any immoral or unsocial act
• Staying more than stipulated number of person is discouraged in any room

Motel Authority will not be responsible for the above activities
The person who give us wrong information of the written in registrar book • Commit any immoral or unsocial act
• Carrying or use any banned restricted or illegal items
• Any unauthorized, unlawful activities
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